Revolution and Democracy in Tunisia
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Demos Tunisia is a forum for scholars, activists, practitioners, and decision-makers to engage in activities, conversations, workshops, teaching, conferences and debates that are geared towards the promotion of sustainable democracy and democratic sustainability (interchangeably).

Its normative mantra is that solutions to the challenges for fledgling democracies in Tunisia and the wider Arab World must derive from the locale. Solutions will not come from overseas. They are continuously honed through ever-evolving skills of democratic learning and unlearning. Such pedagogic democratic processes represent dynamic interactions of inclusive, collective, local, global (cross-regional), new and old synergies invested into the healthy innovation and flourishing of good government at the levels of attitudes, values, thought, practice and institutions.

Demos’s administrative and working languages are English and Arabic. It disseminates its multi-modal publications, findings, reports, and activities to local and international publics and stakeholders in the two languages. 

Demos Tunisia. All rights reserved 2023.    Contact: demos.tunisia@gmail.com