Democratic Knowledge

The flow of democratic knowledge  is multiple and multilateral.

Thus, Demos Tunisia is committed to studying and offering qualitative and quantitative measures of the quality of sustainable democracy and democratic sustainability.

Our goal is to work with local (Tunisian) and cross-regional (MENA, European, Latin American, African, Asian and American) stakeholders to develop and offer assessment of the quality of democratic sustainability innovatively to account for:

1. The skills of democratic learning and unlearning

2.  Social justice in the form of socio-ecomomic goods as co-progenitors, along with political equality and rights, of dignity and freedom

The Democratic Sustainability Forum (Demos-Tunisia) is a non-partisan, non-government organization registered in Tunisia that:

1-    Undertakes to promote and study sustainable democracy and democratic sustainability

2-    Upholds civic values to be central for democratic transition and democratic learning

3-    Works towards the continuous adaptation of citizens and institutions to the demands of time-

honored values of freedom, dignity, equality, inclusiveness, social and restorative justice.

Demos does this through: 

·  Using research, outreach, monitoring, education, and deliberation for the diffusion of democratic ideas, norms and practices;

· Emphasizing local knowing and traditions, enriched with cross-cultural and cross-regional experiences and practices;

·  Contributing to the deepening of sustainability of newly acquired freedoms and civic space in Tunisia; and

· Harnessing advocacy and creative research to align existing opportunities, capacities and knowledge with the goals of democratic sustainability.