Digital Democracy

Demos’ Digital Corner is an additional medium for raising public awareness pertaining to democratic sustainability. It is a space for the digital mapping of the Tunisian and Arab landscape, politically, socially and democratically.

This digital space will:

1-      Present analysis through digital maps, chart, graphs, and reports that summarize information on democratization found in new media platforms ;

2-     Form a parallel corner of digitized analysis and news about the state of democracy, democratization and democratic sustainability in Tunisia;

3-     Contribute to digital literacy by regularly informing the public while respecting ethical standards of public information and the values

of sustainable democratization. These include intellectual independence, free expression, honest dissemination of analysis, pluralism, and respect for the public interest;

4-     Objectively survey news, events, and discourses related to democratic sustainability and represent them digitally to bridge activist, academic and policy-making communities and trends;

5-     Monitor dynamics of change in politico-cultural and socio-economic discourses within Tunisia and the Arab region and identify digitally emerging trends;

6-     Map out key changes, challenges, and discourses related to democratization, digitally disseminating ideas to benefit policy-making capacities and public deliberation in Tunisia;

7-     Digitally interpret trends and processes of change coloring the core values of democratic sustainability and quality of Tunisia’s nascent democratization; and

8-     Contribute a digital knowledge bank of analysis and information in the field of democratic sustainability